The earliest Ferraroli decal design

I bought this rusty red frame with mis-matched Ciocc fork solely for access to an example of the earliest Ferraroli branding.

It is only one of two Ferrarolis which I’ve seen in over six years of following them with this early graphic design.

I can’t find a serial number on this frame, but it must be earlier than #150, the light blue frame referenced below.

Now, the logos from a frame so early, it might not even have a serial number.Interesting that a pentagonal border soon replaced the original hexagon.I suspect that the double F in the logos refers to the two brothers Ferraroli: Alain and Florent. Whether it means one F for each of them, or Fratelli (brothers in Italian) Ferraroli, only they could confirm.

Rainbow wraps on the seat tubes continued into the next generation, but with a single F with laurel wreath.I don’t believe that Ferraroli ever vertically stacked the letters of their logos on the seat tube again, after giving up this graphic design.

Cycles Ferraroli was founded in 1978, which suggests that their first graphic design might not have lasted into the following decade. It’s replacement, as seen in the blue frame above, lasted until about 1987 before a minor facelift, but that’s a story for another post.

5 thoughts on “The earliest Ferraroli decal design

  1. Hello, a friend sent me the adress of your website. I ride many years with some Ferraroli bikes, California an so on. I climb some mediterraneen summits with these bikes (Etna, Stromboli,Olympus, Ida, etc… ). If you ‘re interested, i can send you some pics. You can find other informations on my website, section “le cycliste oblique”.

    gerard bastide


    1. Bonjour Gérard,
      Thanks for contacting me about your passion for Ferraroli bicycles.
      Your biography is inspiring, and your pictures spectacular. I would love to add some of your pictures and information to this site, as well as the Fascination Ferraroli Facebook page.
      My email is
      I hope to meet you at a cycling event soon.
      Meilleures salutations,
      Terrance Malone


  2. Hi Terrance – I’m restoring a nice Ferraroli MTB and need to repaint and equip with new decals. Do you have any information where to get a new set of decals? Many thanks – Gerald

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    1. Hello Gerald, and thanks for asking.

      How’s your French? This is the source I know of for the Ferraroli decal design for the early to mid 1990s, during which Cycles Ferraroli made and sold the highest quantities of their bikes.

      Hope this helps. If you want to have make custom decals made, I have artwork files for one or two other variations.

      All the best,


      1. Hi Terrance
        my French is horrible but with deepl I have sent them an inquiry. Wondering if they can make it. Otherwise it would be nice to get your artwork – I´m a graphic designer and can work in Illustrator or Photoshop to make it suitable for my needs. Also have a source nearby to have the stickers produced. Any help will be appreciated. For sure I can send the final files back to you for other fans to share. many thanks – Gerald


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