Bio: It all started sometime during 1982, while living in Germany, when I wrote a specification sheet for my first custom dream bike, based on a Diamond Back Turbo BMX frame and fork. By 1997, I had begun to earn paychecks by writing specification sheets for Diamondback road and mountain bicycles in California, some of which became dream bikes for other cycling enthusiasts. After moving to Switzerland in 2008, I grew fascinated with Ferraroli, a manufacturer who built incredible road and mountain bicycles here during the formative period in which my avocation for cycling gradually became my occupation: between 1982 and 1997. Now, in 2015, I am beginning this blog to share knowledge of, and love for, these wonderful Swiss Bikes with fellow vintage, classic, retro and cult bicycle enthusiasts. I trust that through exploring these pages, you will also develop a fascination for Ferraroli. Enjoy!

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