1987 Ferraroli Catalog

In 1987, Ferraroli built five mountain bike models: California & Anapurna were made-to-measure, and Engadine, Jura & Doubs came in off-the-rack sizes. As it had been since the beginning in 1978, Ferraroli road bikes were still built “sur mesure” for each client, and model names weren’t consistently used.

Arguably, by offering the same number of off-road models as Cannondale, Specialized or Trek, and by scoring a bronze medal finish under Jacques Devi at the first (unofficial) mountain bike world championships, 1987 marked the year in which a small, artisanal workshop, located high in the Swiss Jura, caught up with the big, American brands out on the trail.

Here is the 1987 Cycles Ferraroli catalog, for your reference. Enjoy!

Front CoverPage 1Page 2CaliforniaAnapurnaEngadine and JuraDoubsBack Cover

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