1990 Ferraroli Mountain Bike Catalog

I haven’t yet found a catalog with Ferraroli road bikes from 1990, so I assume that while they were still being made to measure by customer request, their workshops were so busy working to meet the high demand for MTBs that they didn’t market their skinny-tired bikes.

A Brief History of the Company
The Frame and its Fabrication According to the Golden Number

In comparison with the 1987 catalog, the line has grown from five models to seven. A fillet-brazed Arizona now tops the Sur Mesure range, with the new Pyrénées establishing a more affordable made-to-measure option.

Significantly, until I discover 1988 or 1989 catalogs which may prove otherwise, this year seems to herald the introduction of the Etna, Nevada & Dolomites models in the Série collection, effectively replacing the Engadine, Jura & Doubs models from 1987, and significantly lowering the price points and improving the price/value proposition at the entry level.

How? These three models in the Série collection shared the same frame, which was brass-brazed in Japan, instead of silver-brazed in Switzerland. In addition to planning a move to consolidate their several workshops and retail space in a new, park for artisanal businesses between La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, they must have seen imported frames as another tool to meet the strong demand for Ferraroli mountain bikes.

A certain outlook on life…

Finally, one also finds the address of the first branch office in France, which would later change addresses, and be joined by a branch office in Germany. But that’s a story for another catalog.

Until next time, enjoy!

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