1990 Ferraroli Dealer Book, Part One

In addition to their 1990 consumer catalog, which I’ve previously archived on this site, I was lucky enough to be given files of Ferraroli’s dealer book for the same year, which I will share with you here.

This part will cover specifications, prices, ordering details, paint options and accessories. A later part two will be a trip back in time to 1990s lifestyle products; put on your sunglasses, because you’re going to need protection from extreme exposure to neon colors!

Apologies for the blurry scan. I consider us lucky to have this info at all, and if one page must be blurry, the cover isn’t a bad one to be stuck with.
Does anyone take the time to write this politely anymore, in any language, much less three? This must be the work of Ferraroli’s trilingual secretary, Claire Emmenegger.
Lots of data to consider here, regarding the made-to-measure mountain bike models.
About a 30% price premium for the Swiss-brazed, made to measure Pyrénées than for the brazed in Japan, ready to ride Etna model with the same component group.
Speaking of sur mesure, here are the basic body measurements where a custom-fit Ferraroli began…
…and continued onto this page, where the more subjective factors were considered.
Here’s evidence that the elaborate, gradient-fading, splatter effect paint schemes that Ferraroli was famous for were as much science as they were art.
A long-standing mystery of mine solved; the deep blue which Ferraroli used more and more towards the end of the 1990s appears to have been color code C101.
Back when mail order was just that: no faxes, no web sites and no apps, just fill out the forms, attach a stamp, and send it to your nearest Ferraroli office.
Look at the bottom of the page: all of the stuff I need to strip off and recycle when I find a Ferraroli which has been neglected in a barn or basement for thirty years.
I remember that those shoes made it to the USA, but I don’t remember selling SELEV helmets.
As a product manager, it’s interesting to me, and probably very few others, how little price difference there was between the rims used on Ferraroli’s models, considering the large difference in complete bike pricing.
Skinwall tires and bullmoose bars, who knew they would come back into style about 30 years later?
I’ve not yet seen a Ferraroli MTB with either a Sugino carbon seat post or Hügi hubs. Hmmm, maybe I should build one that way…
No fat tires available here yet. Apparently, one couldn’t sell mountain bikes without at least the option of the Ground Control at that time, but it’s curious that no other Specialized models made the list.
I have no pictures of the Ferraroli bike carrier for cars described at the bottom of the page, but I’d love to see what one looked like. Was it a co-branded item, or their own design?
I hope to visit Crested Butte with a Ferraroli soon, both to participate in the Pearl Pass Klunker Tour, and to recreate this photo as closely as possible.

One thought on “1990 Ferraroli Dealer Book, Part One

  1. Bonjour, peut être pouvez vous me renseigner, je possède 2 VTT Ferraroli dans ma petite collection et viens de racheter un route couleur fuschia en Tange Prestige ultimate et roues 650. Je ne trouve pas beaucoup d informations sur ce model. J habite Arbois dans le Jura. Cordialement. Jacques

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