Found: The 1993 Ferraroli Swiss Bike Catalog

A little over a month ago, I asked for assistance in tracking down the rest of the 1993 Ferraroli catalog, of which I had previously only collected three pages. Help came from a familiar source; merci beaucoup, M. Gargouillou Ggy.

Some information was cropped out of the images before I received them, but this is far more complete information than I had seen before of Ferraroli’s 1993 model range. The model names are quite clear when one zooms in on the bike images, so I’ve included them in the captions for your convenience.


California Light

4 thoughts on “Found: The 1993 Ferraroli Swiss Bike Catalog

  1. Hello!
    It is summerholiday, and I am browsing the web finding your Fascinstion Ferraroli HomePage. Great!
    In 1989 I was 19 years old, and I had a 3 month stay in the Jura mountains. The family I lived with were into Cycling and let Alain Ferraroli build a road bike «sur mesure» to me. Since then I have enjoyed bicycling, both road and mountain.
    I have pictures taken in 1989 from the Ferraroli shop showing production, paint-box, and Alain doing the assembly of my bike. In addition I have the original measure-chart he did according to my body and how the frame should be. Finally I have pictures of today (2020), training on my Ferraroli together with my son. If you are interested, please let me know.
    Marius Langslet, Norway


    1. Hello Marius,

      My Norwegian friends tell me that summer holidays there are taken pretty seriously. Hope you are enjoying yours.

      Yes, I would love to see your pictures of the Ferraroli facilities in 1989, as well as the documents and the current pictures.

      Could I please share them on the site here, as well as on the FF Facebook group?

      Please send them to me at

      Take care,


      1. Hello Terrance.
        The Norwegian summer holiday is normally 3-4 weeks long, and this summer we find pleasure in local activities/resorts, for obvious reasons (and It is positive actually). Hope the same for you. When I return from holiday I will send you the pictures/ documents. It is OK to publish, and you choose what is within relevancy.
        Regards Marius

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      2. Hello Marius,

        I hope that you enjoyed the summer holidays with your family, and that the memories will help keep you thinking positive during this winter.

        When you can make time, could you please send the Ferraroli pictures and documents to me at ?

        Thanks and all the best


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